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When I began developing my website I knew that I wanted to include a blog. I actually have a few abandoned blogs out there on the internet. My primary reason for creating this blog is to connect with my audience, but I remember how writing has been such an important part of developing Blakbird Jewelry and keeping in touch with my purpose. I was recently interviewed for a blog and I was struck by how much I enjoyed the questions. It allowed me to step back and see how far I’ve come as well as realign with some things that are easy to lose sight of. I don’t write as often as I used to I do know that it can be a way to care for myself. I can’t always have someone ask me thought provoking questions but I can using writing as a way to converse with myself and with you.  

One of the things that I’ve found myself losing sight of is simplicity. I love to simplify things. My mother and I loved to talk about ways to live a more simple life. As a sensitive person I believe she was often overwhelmed by the chaos of our society. She would take frequent retreats and do things to care for herself that I now see as very brave.

Five years ago I had to participate in outpatient therapy after a hospitalization. This was a program that I started a few times but was never able to finish. At this point in my life I had nothing left but time to get better. We were encouraged to create our own skills to incorporate with the skills we were learning together. The skill I created was called SIMPLIFY. Simplify only requires that you be realistic and flexible. You may have plans for the day but Simplify will allow you to gracefully drop those plans without a second thought. You do what your body allows you to do and let the rest go. This was so important at that time in my life. I didn’t have many plans or much to do but it helped me to prioritize when almost everything was exhausting and overwhelming. 

That brings me to this year. Yes y’all 2020. I am writing about Simplify because I keep forgetting. I often find myself doing the proverbial most in some effort to get ahead of...something. It’s not me and also, it’s impossible! Everything is exhausting. I have found myself focusing more on self care than business. It pays off but I’m not always comfortable with my perceived lack of productivity. I am in turn surprised by my lack of sensitivity and understanding. I keep having to remind myself that thing aren’t okay and that harshness has never worked for me. One thing I have realized this year is that my trauma responses are not as far away as I would like. We still have to work but let's not lose sight of the call to simplify and just cut out the things that never worked anyway. 

My goal for life and for Blakbird is to not driven by things that have nothing to do with wellness. There is always time to rest.

Be Well


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