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The Story of Blakbird Jewelry

Blakbird Jewelry 

was born of a desire to create an outlet for my design work. I come from a family of creative people for whom making was an everyday thing. My mother and father met at a ceramics class in New York City in the  late 70s. 

My father was an extremely versatile artist and photographer; my mother was a seamstress and quilter. I am inspired by their creative energy and the way they nourished my desire to create. 

I started Blakbird Jewelry in 2010 while between jobs. I was determined  not be completely dependent on someone else for work. I was inspired by the intelligence and ingenuity of the Corvid family of birds. My original pieces were made from lightweight brass tooling foil I discovered in art school. The response to my work was very encouraging. In spite of many ups and downs I never forgot about Blakbird Jewelry and neither did my community. The business has grown with me. I enjoy sharing the journey that has allowed me to take Blakbird to the next level and access opportunities I could have never imagined. A note on my studio wall says "Blakbird Jewelry is not a bird, or a business, it’s a vehicle.” 

Toward the end of 2018 I relaunched Blakbird Jewelry with a small collection of bronze and recycled aluminum pieces, The Standards.  Blakbird has really proved to be what I always suspected it was. It is an excellent vehicle for my artistic work and an experience that has transformed my life. I hope you will find something special for you and yours in the collection.